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The Association for Digital Democracy works to develop tools that bring together and integrate the best features of digital democracy. We are currently finalising a first version of Flowback, which will be publicly released sometime in the coming year with a release party and conference in Stockholm. Welcome back here to try it out then! :)

Flowback is a platform for democratic discussion and decision-making designed for organisations of different sizes. It is copyleft-open source and available for free. You will be able to download Flowback yourself and install it on your server, contact us for support: You will also be able to let us host Flowback for your organisation on our servers.


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The Digital Democracy Association is a non-profit association that is religiously and politically independent. It aims to support and promote effective democratic organisation of people at all levels: from small networks and organisations at grassroots level to large companies, political parties and organisations at national and international level.

Its ultimate goal is a world in which everyone's influence and participation is maximised in a way that is compatible with high flexibility, efficiency and power to act in human co-operation and organisations. The Association's sub-goals are to (i) develop innovative open-source tools for digital democratic organisation (ii) disseminate knowledge and stimulate interest in effective democratic decision-making and organisational practices (iii) support organisations and companies to improve their internal democracy.