Humanitarian operations

Identify human needs from the bottom up - make effective interventions

In crises and wars, it is the inhabitants of the affected area who possess knowledge of both the problems and the solutions; make use of their knowledge.


In humanitarian response to crisis and war, many quick decisions have to be made. People's lives, health and futures are at stake. It is not always easy for the military or aid agencies to know which areas and operations to prioritize and make the best decisions.


Used a smart digital democracy tool where crisis-affected people can list and rank their greatest needs right now and make their own suggestions for effective solutions. Get a holistic view of the crisis situation to contribute where the needs are most acute. Help crisis-affected areas to coordinate and collaborate better.

Why digital democracy?

  • Identify needs quickly
    Use Flowback - our tool for digital democracy - to gather information on the needs and priorities of crisis-affected people. That way, your aid organisation can provide the most effective response when it really matters.
  • Creative suggestions for action
    Let the crisis-affected themselves make suggestions, rank, weight and prioritise these to get new ideas and inputs on how your organisation can contribute.
  • Promoting cooperation and coordination on the ground
    Use a tool that promotes collaboration and increases the ability of crisis-affected people to communicate, coordinate and work together to solve emergency challenges.

Ready for a global democratic revolution?


The Digital Democracy Association is a non-profit association that is religiously and politically independent. It aims to support and promote effective democratic organisation of people at all levels: from small networks and organisations at grassroots level to large companies, political parties and organisations at national and international level.

Its ultimate goal is a world in which everyone's influence and participation is maximised in a way that is compatible with high flexibility, efficiency and power to act in human co-operation and organisations. The Association's sub-goals are to (i) develop innovative open-source tools for digital democratic organisation (ii) disseminate knowledge and stimulate interest in effective democratic decision-making and organisational practices (iii) support organisations and companies to improve their internal democracy.