Political organizations & trade union

Let the members decide for real.

Political and trade union federations and associations are made up of members with widely differing skills, interests, opinions and ideas. Digital democracy makes it harder for management to overrule its members. Everyone's voices can be heard and given their due.


Many committed grassroots feel that the leaders of their parties and unions do not listen to them. A high-profile study showed that there is an average difference of opinion of 13 percentage points between representatives in the Riksdag and ordinary voters. The researchers concluded that a random sample of 349 people in the population almost always led to lower differences in opinion [1]. One example is that voters in Sweden want to limit welfare gains, but the party leaders do not. [2] Another issue is NATO, where the party leaders of the red-green parties decided at short notice to join despite the fact that a majority of their voters were against it.


With good digital democracy tools, the grassroots can meet, discuss, coordinate and express their collective views on important issues. Both for annual meetings and congresses, and as a quick reaction to important decisions being weighed by management. When the grassroots can come together and express their will on a digital democracy platform, it becomes black and white if the leadership is planning to overrule its grassroots, making such a decision harder to take. Digital democracy can be used all year round to mobilize and engage members When everyone's knowledge and potential is harnessed, the whole movement together will make better and wiser decisions than if a small elite at the top is in charge.

Why digital democracy?

  • Reellt inflytande skapar engagemang
    Använd Flowback - vårt verktyg för digital demokrati och ge medlemmarna reellt inflytande i din organisation året runt. Medlemmar som får vara med och påverka på riktigt blir engagerade, motiverade och tar ansvar. 
  • Håll ihop organisationen 
    Medlemmarnas upplevelser formar ständigt organisationen, och vice versa. Med Flowback belönas och främjas samarbete och fokus på sakfrågor istället för intriger, konflikter och tillfälliga koalitioner.
  • Full transparens och öppenhet främjar demokratin
    Genom att använda sig av verktyg för digital demokrati internt så blir strukturen för beslutsfattande transparent och tillgänglig för alla medlemmar. Handlingar kan laddas upp på ett standardiserat sätt och läsas av alla. Öppenhet skapar förtroende och samarbete.


[1] David Karlsson (2018). ”Företrädarskap i riksdagen”.

[2] Katalys (2021). "Den ignorerade majoriteten"

Ready for a global democratic revolution?


The Digital Democracy Association is a non-profit association that is religiously and politically independent. It aims to support and promote effective democratic organisation of people at all levels: from small networks and organisations at grassroots level to large companies, political parties and organisations at national and international level.

Its ultimate goal is a world in which everyone's influence and participation is maximised in a way that is compatible with high flexibility, efficiency and power to act in human co-operation and organisations. The Association's sub-goals are to (i) develop innovative open-source tools for digital democratic organisation (ii) disseminate knowledge and stimulate interest in effective democratic decision-making and organisational practices (iii) support organisations and companies to improve their internal democracy.