Together we build
the future of democracy 

Inclusive processes

Maximizing the democratic influence of all in a transparent and open decision-making process. Each participant can choose their level of involvement.

Smarter decisions

Harness your organisation's collective knowledge and intelligence. Make predictions about the consequences of different choices and make smarter decisions together.

Maximize utility

Make the right decisions for all stakeholders. Weight decisions according to the strength of the preferences of those involved so that all participants are maximally satisfied with the outcome over time.

Get things done

Combine efficiency with creative freedom: the right person in the right place decides and executes at the right time. Avoid unnecessary bureaucracy and wasted time.

who are we?

We are a non-profit, non-religious and non-partisan organisation that aims to support, promote and improve democracy throughout society. We work to:

  • Develop innovative open-source tools for digital democratic organisation, such as Flowback.
  • Disseminate knowledge and stimulate interest in effective democratic decision-making methods and forms of organisation through lectures and workshops.  
  • Support democracy research and develop the internal democracy of organisations.


Tired of endless agendas, protocols and meetings? Tired of sitting for hours before the issue you're passionate about comes up for discussion? Tired of bad managers and politicians making decisions on issues where they lack competence? Do you want not just to be "listened to" but to be part of the decision-making process on issues where you have important knowledge and skills to contribute?

Then we have good news. The digital democracy of the future is coming! Smarter, more efficient and safer than ever. Using modern decision-making tools based on principles from neural networks and blockchain technology, you can harness the power of your organisation's collective intelligence in a 100% secure, fair and transparent way.

Try Flowback - our new tool for democratic organisation and join us on a journey where your organisation will start to function as an efficient self-governing neutral network: the right person gets the right decision-making power in their area of expertise. Flowback is open source and available to everyone.


We are currently finalizing and releasing Flowback 1.0, our new tool for digital democratic organizing. The aim of Flowback is to help organisations and companies govern themselves democratically, make informed decisions and execute those decisions effectively.



In the decision-making process, it is important that everyone's ideas, arguments and facts are put on the table. Flowback has:

  • Working groups
  • Video meetings
  • Documenting together
  • Prediction markets
  • Discussion forum & chat
  • Formulate proposals
  • Evaluating arguments

Make a decision

Secure voting methods where the identity of participants can be verified are essential for making decisions. Flowback has:

  • Ranking of options
  • Yes/no polls
  • Vote on meeting times
  • Square voting
  • Delegate votes
  • Full security and transparency
  • Verification of identity
  • Anonymous voting


In order to implement decisions, it is important to have a clear division of labour where decisions can be taken close to those who will implement them. Flowback has:

  • Groups and subgroups
  • Schedules
  • Kanban board
  • Assign tasks flexibly
  • Emails and reminders


Our ambition is to develop Flowback into a complete end-to-end solution that supports organisations and companies all the way from fact gathering and discussion to good decisions and effective execution of those decisions.

Therefore, we want to expand Flowback with more tools, such as visualizing debates and arguments, making budget priorities, managing donations/membership fees, as well as advanced tools for data analysis, email management and self-organization in networks.

But if we are to do this, we need your support. Want to help us help others? Get involved as a member, developer or contributor now:

Our greatest democracy heroes

If you donate more than $200, you will be added to our list of democracy heroes.

No 1: Dave, mathematician $6000

No 2: Andrés Gutiérrez Castellá, statistician $300

No 3: Anna, nurse $200




Your organisation starts using Flowback to improve your internal democracy.


You or your organisation donates or becomes a member of the Association for Digital Democracy.


Help us develop our digital democracy tools, apply to our team!


The Digital Democracy Association is a non-profit association that is religiously and politically independent. It aims to support and promote effective democratic organisation of people at all levels: from small networks and organisations at grassroots level to large companies, political parties and organisations at national and international level.

Its ultimate goal is a world in which everyone's influence and participation is maximised in a way that is compatible with high flexibility, efficiency and power to act in human co-operation and organisations. The Association's sub-goals are to (i) develop innovative open-source tools for digital democratic organisation (ii) disseminate knowledge and stimulate interest in effective democratic decision-making and organisational practices (iii) support organisations and companies to improve their internal democracy.