Unlock the full potential of your employees

Increase your employees' motivation and willingness to work. Make use of their expertise and avoid expensive consultancy fees.


Studies show that 63% of all employees are disengaged and only go to work to get money. An unengaged employee is neither creative, solution-oriented nor effective, but rather risks contributing to a culture where everyone is trying to do the minimum. Studies show that employees spend an average of 2 hours a day worming. [1]


A key reason for employee burnout is that they are not empowered and managers do not make use of their knowledge and skills. With digital democracy, you can empower your employees, transforming them into equal, creative employees with a strong will to work and a sense of responsibility for the company's future.

Why digital democracy?

  • Influence creates commitment
    Use Flowback - our digital democracy tool - and give your employees real influence in your company. Employees who have a say in the company and their work are engaged, motivated and take responsibility.
  • Avoid expensive consultancy fees
    No one knows your company better than your employees. Use Flowback to create a culture where employees suggest and vote on improvements directly instead of going the extra mile by interviewing expensive consultants.
  • The owner takes responsibility
    Employees who are encouraged to become co-owners of their company take greater responsibility for its development. Flowback makes it easy to organise a company as a self-governing entity owned by its employees.



Ready for a global democratic revolution?


The Digital Democracy Association is a non-profit association that is religiously and politically independent. It aims to support and promote effective democratic organisation of people at all levels: from small networks and organisations at grassroots level to large companies, political parties and organisations at national and international level.

Its ultimate goal is a world in which everyone's influence and participation is maximised in a way that is compatible with high flexibility, efficiency and power to act in human co-operation and organisations. The Association's sub-goals are to (i) develop innovative open-source tools for digital democratic organisation (ii) disseminate knowledge and stimulate interest in effective democratic decision-making and organisational practices (iii) support organisations and companies to improve their internal democracy.